I eat CSS for breakfast

Visual minded front-end designer, approaching code abstractly to solve problems better

I also like to design systems and move things around
Here some interesting jobs from last times

Clarice Lispector archive site

One of Brazil's most important literary figures, who is considered to be among the greatest women writers of the 20th century.

🖋   site.claricelispector.ims.com.br

Revista Amarello [Amarello Magazine]

Independent creative collective from São Paulo, with articles and productions about arts, beauty, design, philosophy and architecture.

🟡   amarello.com.br


Mainstream media monitoring tool about economics and politics in Brazil. Produced by the Media Studies and Public Sphere Laboratory (LEMEP) from State Univesity of Rio de Janeiro (UERJ).

🗞   manchetometro.com.br